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Rupa Sutton: Animal Photography to Melt Your Heart

It’s always a joy to see animals in art, and luckily for us, we partner with some pretty incredible artists who are inspired by that very joy. Photographer Rupa Sutton’s adoration for animals is touchingly clear in her work, which has earned the recognition of countless wildlife lovers.

After taking up photography to capture the beauty of her horse, Eva, Sutton continued embarking upon a path that fuses her passion for animals and art. Photos of lovebirds cuddling, dogs racing with birds, majestic horses, and more pull the heartstrings of viewers, with each more enchanting than the next. What makes Sutton’s photography so special is her ability to showcase each animal’s individual personality, making each of them a character in their own beautiful story.

Rupa Sutton’s work has earned her partnerships with brands such as National Geographic, Disney, and Universal. She continues to create art at home with her four dogs, four birds, and two horses. Check out some of Rupa Sutton’s photography below, and click here to view her full iCanvas portfolio.

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