Artist Spotlight

Lillian Liu: Surreal, Mythical Photography

We’re back with more incredible surreal photography, because honestly, we can’t get enough! One of the latest finds we’re totally obsessed with is iCanvas artist, Lillian Liu, whose portfolio of creative photography brings mythical characters to life in a stunning, almost cinematic way.

Donning models in extravagant armor and costumes and placing them in larger-than-life locations, Liu’s images feel as though you’re seeing something from an epic film. An expert retoucher, her digital manipulations are the final touch in manifesting the atmospheres experienced in her powerful imagery. From saint-like warriors to Grecian goddesses to Asian empresses to dark priestesses, each character in Liu’s art feels like a piece of an elaborate story we’re dying to uncover.

Based in Vancouver, Lillian Liu is an artist of many talents who has performed as a skilled pianist throughout the world. Her photography has been recognized by countless brands and publications, such as My Modern Met, Vogue Taiwan, and Kat Von D. She was also voted as a finalist in Beautiful Bizarre’s 2019 Art Prize. Check out more of her amazing portfolio on the site!

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