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Inspired By: “Ven a la Luz” Beach Installation

We’re surrounded by tons of art every day at iCanvas, yet we still can’t help but appreciate art we find in the outside world! In a recent scroll through the ‘gram, we came across a public art installation that brought our jaws to the floor.

Comprised of steel, wood, rope, and lush greenery, Ven a la Luz is a stunning structure that emanates a warm, welcoming presence. With its title translating to “come into the light,” the piece is illuminated on the inside, inviting viewers to marvel at its beautiful synthesis of human and natural forms. We were so inspired by this piece, we curated art that carries a similar vibe. This curation depicts humans interacting, cohabitating, or even becoming nature, and represents a variety of artistic styles. If this installation speaks to you, check out our curation below. You might find something you like!

Commissioned in 2018, the installation was created by Daniel Popper to raise environmental awareness at an event in Tulum, Mexico. Today, it sits permanently as the entrance to the Ahau Tulum resort. Popper has built public art installations all over the world and is most known for his installations at the Electric Forest music festival.

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