How To Create A Gallery Wall
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How to Create a Gallery Wall: An Easy Guide

Want to create a gallery wall in your home but unsure where to begin? We put together an easy guide for you, with gallery wall ideas for you to follow along with! Whether you want to decorate your  living room, home office, or another area with empty wall space, you can easily transform your home with canvas art. 

This guide will help you decorate with your interests in mind to make your space feel more personal to you! We’ll show you how to create a gallery wall above an entryway table; however, you can implement these tips onto any wall of your choice.

Create Your Gallery Wall Layout

You want to have a plan for your gallery wall before you start selecting art and hanging things up. Gallery wall layouts are pretty flexible; you can go for a symmetrical setup or more of a collage look. You can also select as many prints as you want, depending on the size of your wall space and the size of the art itself. There’s no set rules in creating a gallery wall; however, here are some simple steps to get started.

wooden entryway table with gallery wall layout above
  1. Start by measuring your wall space, and make note of where you want your artwork to start and end. 
  2. Decide on the shapes of artwork to fill your space. You can do this by taking a photo of your wall and laying out shapes in a simple design program like Canva. Or you can hang up pieces of paper to get an idea of what the shapes look like together.
  3. Once you choose the shapes of artwork and how many prints to include, calculate the measurements you’ll need for each one to fill your space properly.
  4. Keep in mind that you’ll want to have equal spacing between each of the prints, so measure accordingly.
  5. Once your layout is done, you can start the fun part – selecting art!

Gallery Wall Art Ideas

Now that you have your gallery wall layout planned, you can start selecting beautiful artwork to fill your space. Choose framed canvas art for an extra sophisticated touch or unframed for a more subtle look. There are many directions you can go! You can either create a cohesive theme, such as all abstracts, you can mix and match colors, or you can show off some of your favorite things. We’re going to walk you through ideas for creating a personalized gallery wall filled with a combination of your interests. Keep reading to learn how to create a gallery wall!

1. Hang Up Dog Art to Represent Your Furry Friend

dog painting above wood entryway table
Featured Print: “Black Lab”

One way to personalize your gallery wall is to display artwork to represent your beloved pet(s)! Select a dog portrait that best represents your canine friend or even create a custom canvas print where you can hang up a photo of your actual pet. You can also go for pet art that displays a sweet quote or shows off your favorite type of cat, amphibian, bird, or other type of pet that you love. If you’re not one for pets, consider choosing animal art of any kind for a wild or endearing touch.

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2. Display Canvas Art of Your Hobby

dog painting and vintage camera art above wood entryway table
Featured Prints: “Black Lab” and “EK2”

Another way to make your gallery wall feel extra personal to you is to choose a print that resembles your favorite hobby. This can include anything from an image of a vintage camera for photographers, a print of a chess board for game lovers, music art for those with rhythm, or a drawing of famous literature for bookworms. No matter if you want to create a gallery wall filled with your hobbies or just bring a subtle nod of your lifestyle into your space, feel free to get creative!

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3. Show Off Pop Culture Art of Your Favorite Singer

Dog painting, vintage camera art, and beyonce painting above a wood entryway table
Featured Prints: “Black Lab”, “EK2”, and “Beyonce, Black Is King”

If you’re a big fan of a musician, then pop culture art is another solid choice to fill your gallery wall space. There are so many different ways to show off your love for a pop star or rock legend! You can hang up a fierce portrait of them, a photograph of them performing on stage, lyrics from your favorite song of theirs, or even a cool surreal painting of them. Whether you’re a jazz connoisseur, country music fan, or a rap lover, showing off your favorite musician can be a great addition to your gallery wall. BONUS – if you’re a fan of something else, you can also show off your favorite movies, sports teams, TV shows, and much more!

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4. Add A Travel Print of Your Dream Destination

Dog painting, vintage camera art, and beyonce painting, and greece travel poster above a wood entryway table
Featured Prints: “Black Lab”, “EK2”, “Beyonce, Black Is King”, and “Greece”

Travel art and framed travel posters are a great way to add a touch of wanderlust to your space or to bring back memories from your favorite vacations. Hang up a photograph of an iconic landmark, a scenic view of a city you wish to visit, a watercolor map of an area close to your heart, or a cityscape of an urban space you love. A destination print can be a wonderful addition to your gallery wall to make it feel extra special to you.

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5. Decorate with Nature Art for a Serene Escape

gallery wall of art above a wood entryway table
Featured Prints: “Black Lab”, “EK2”, “Beyonce, Black Is King”, “Greece”, and “Autumnal Moraine Lake”

Once you’ve decorated your gallery wall with all of your individual preferences, interests, and personal favorites, it’s time to add the final piece. Nature art is a lovely choice for the last print to fill your wall because it can add a small dose of serenity and refreshment to your space. It’s also a solid pick if you have a specific nature view in mind. Perhaps you like mountain art, or you’re fond of coastal art. From the forest to the desert to the ocean, decorate with a scenic print to polish off your space with a natural touch.

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