Artist Spotlight

Exclusive Artist: Dan Hobday

Dan Hobday is an independent artist whose portfolio of minimalist contemporary art are perfect for bringing trendy vibes home. Aside from the artist himself, iCanvas is proud to be the exclusive provider of wall art by Dan Hobday, allowing you to bring home museum-quality reproductions of his stylish art prints.

While primarily minimalist in aesthetic, it’s clear Hobday is talented in a variety of artistic styles. In his portfolio, you’ll find moody abstract landscapes, monochrome minimalist abstract forms, figurative line art illustrations, and even some typography. Many of Hobday’s prints feature complementary color schemes, making them perfect for pairing. Check out this style above, which demonstrates how easy it is to flip an abstract for a different vibe. 

Working out of his studio in Devon, England, Hobday works with inks, acrylics, digital and mixed media. Having been an artist since childhood and drawing influence from his grandmother, Hobday is often inspired by Devon’s gorgeous coastal scenery. Check out our curation below for a preview of Hobday’s work. You can also browse his complete collection of canvas and framed paper prints available on iCanvas.

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