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Benefits of Art: Symmetrical Prints to Soothe Your Mood

Art has countless benefits aside from classing up your space. The process of viewing art may seem simple, but in reality, there’s a lot happening in your brain. If you’re looking for art that has a calming and restful effect on your mood, symmetry does the trick.

Perceiving symmetry is one of the most natural things we experience each day — because it’s everywhere! From architecture to geometry, to celestial forms and even our own biology, our universe is built with balance. Its prevalence in nature makes symmetry easy for the brain to recognize, which explains why it’s a key component in human attraction, or why things like flowers, horizons, and butterflies give us all the good feels.

iCanvas has a huge variety of symmetrical art prints, making it easy to find one that fits your personality. Browse the curation below to see if it’s floral photography or sacred mandalas that soothe your mood.

Didn’t find one you love? Check out our complete collection of symmetrical art available on iCanvas.

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