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Artists We Heart Ed. 15: Meet 11 New iCanvas Creators

More art means it’s easier than ever to discover art you love! Whether you want to feel inspired, tell a story, or transform your space, connecting new artists with art appreciators like you is one of the best parts of welcoming more creators to iCanvas’ creative community.

From Americana charm to chic abstracts, get to know the work of 11 new iCanvas artists.

  1. Jesse Johnson
  2. David Coleman
  3. Seven Sirens Studio
  4. David Lloyd Glover
  5. Andrew M Barlow
  6. LaLana Arts
  7. Mauro Battistelli
  8. REME Jr
  9. Anastasiia Grygorieva
  10. Anthony Kleem
  11. Alyssa Hamilton

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest artists we’re proud to partner with. You might just discover some new art that can move you, spark conversation, or help tie a room together.

Jesse Johnson

Blending neon hues with surreal scenes, Jesse Johnson creates digital art that effortlessly draws in the eye. From slices of symbolism to textured imagery with a twist, his work exudes both energy and mystery. As a result, his trippy creations can help you add bold, cosmic vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Jesse Johnson’s art on iCanvas.

David Coleman

A passion for harmony and color shines through in each of David Coleman’s mixed media portraits. Often portraying women made of thick brushstrokes and bold colors, he illustrates the complexity of femininity. His work has the power to bring thought-provoking goddess vibes to your walls.

Click here to see more of David Coleman Jr.’s art on iCanvas.

Seven Sirens Studio

Often dripping with oceanic themes, Seven Sirens Studios creates mixed media art of wildlife species of all sorts. Whether you’re interested in adding nautical energy to your space or nature vibes with a unique spin, they likely have a print that will reel you in.

Click here to see more of Seven Sirens Studio’s art on iCanvas.

David Lloyd Glover

From grandiose mountains to open water, David Lloyd Glover brings breathtaking scenery to life on canvas. Dedicated to spreading a message of peace, his work gives off a serene feel. As a result, his paintings can easily bring the atmosphere of the outdoors inside.

Click here to see more of David Lloyd Glover’s art on iCanvas.

Andrew M Barlow

Contrasting bold colors with muted portraits and layering vibrant patterns and hues, Andrew M Barlow creates a diverse collection of mixed media art. Inspired by street art and pop art, he successfully merges the two styles. His resulting works are perfect for celebrating your favorite famous face or adding some color to your walls.

Click here to see more of Andrew M Barlow’s art on iCanvas.

LaLana Arts

With themes of style and grace at the forefront of her creations, LaLana Art makes fashion illustrations of women living bold lifestyles. From recognizable designs and accessories to celebrations of friendship and sisterhood, her prints can add a sophisticated bit of style to your space.

Click here to see more of LaLana Arts’ art on iCanvas.

Mauro Battistelli

Capturing the stillness and untouched beauty of remote paces, Mauro Battistelli creates breathtaking nature and travel photography. The grandeur of sprawling mountains, deserts and forests are complemented by unique angles and lighting. The result are atmospheric images that can help you escape reality.

Click here to see more of Mauro Battistelli’s art on iCanvas.


Painting a wide array of people, animals and characters, REME Jr captures everything from quiet moments to silly creatures. Whether you want to add endearing, humorous vibes to your space or decorate with delicate dancers, REME Jr likely has a print for you.

Click here to see more of REME Jr’s art on iCanvas.

Anastasiia Grygorieva

“If you want to kill me, just take away my ability to paint.” A dedicated painter, Anastasiia Grygorieva creates still lifes and scenes that blend impressionism with surrealism. From calming seascapes to imaginative fantasy art, her creations can add a soft, chic touch to your space.

Click here to see more of Anastasiia Grygorieva’s art on iCanvas.

Anthony Kleem

With a love for Americana style, Anthony Kleem creates paintings of towns and cities full of intricate details. From rolling country hills to bustling coastal scenes, his creations depict the diverse seasons and landscapes of the U.S. As a result, his work can add a charming feel to any room.

Click here to see more of Anthony Kleem’s art on iCanvas.

Alyssa Hamilton

Using captivating colors and patterns, Alyssa Hamilton creates chic abstracts full of soul. “In everything, art exists, you just have to look for it.” Whether you want a piece to get lost in or artwork that can add dimension and movement to an empty wall, Alyssa likely has a soothing print that will speak to you.

Click here to see more of Alyssa Hamilton’s art on iCanvas.

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