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Artists We Heart Ed. 11: Meet 15 New iCanvas Creators

More art means it’s easier than ever to discover art you love! Whether you want to add imagination or a conversation piece to your space, connecting new artists with art appreciators like you is one of the best parts of welcoming more creators to iCanvas’ creative community.

From tropical maximalism to minimalist line drawings, these 15 new artists can help you add bohemian vibes or modern simplicity to your space.

  1. In The Frame Shop
  2. Rosso Emerald Crimson
  3. Cynthia Decker
  4. James Coates
  5. Atelier Posters
  6. Marina Zotova
  7. Rina Zeniuk
  8. Kristi Goshovska
  9. Luanne Marten
  10. Irene Meniconi
  11. Saad Nazih
  12. Emin Güler
  13. Lesley Bishop
  14. Caroline Chessia
  15. Dave Bartholet

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest artists we’re proud to partner with. You might just discover some new art that can move you, spark conversation, or help tie a room together.

In The Frame Shop

Blending visual stories with words, In The Frame Shop creates literary prints with storybook style. Adding digital illustrations to the forefront of dictionaries, their work offers a sense of nostalgia and wonder. The results are classic creations that can help you surround yourself with the magic of your favorite stories.

Click here to see more of In The Frame Shop’s art on iCanvas.

Rosso Emerald Crimson

“…The imagery I create often unveils the vulnerability and strength of the human condition.” Gaining inspiration from self-analyzation and observations of the world, Rosso Emerald Crimson paints portraiture and self-portraiture exuding emotional depth. Her work offers a sense of realism blended with imagination, perfect for adding introspection to your space.

Click here to see more of Rosso Emerald Crimson’s art on iCanvas.

Cynthia Decker

Combining realism with magic, Cynthia Decker creates digital illustrations of surreal scenes. From unique perspectives and angles to dreamy illusions, her work is both otherworldly and thought-provoking. “I want to create visual stories, scenes that are open to your interpretation, places that invite you in and let you complete the narrative for yourself.”

Click here to see more of Cynthia Decker’s art on iCanvas.

James Coates

With a passion for spreading joy, James Coates creates fine art paintings of everything from people to animals. Capturing relatable experiences and bonds, his work offers a sense of poetic connectedness. As a result, his creations can help celebrate the simple moments and memories in life and love.

Click here to see more of James Coates’ art on iCanvas.

Atelier Posters

On a continuous endeavor to find and share beauty, Atelier Posters creates digital art prints spanning across a variety of styles and subjects. From fun and motivational typography to faceless fashion illustrations to minimalist abstracts, their diverse collection offers something for everyone.

Click here to see more of Atelier Poster’s art on iCanvas.

Marina Zotova

“I love nature as it is…in different colors and moods, and in different weather. In any of its performances – it is perfect.” Creating landscape and seascape paintings filled with realism, Marina Zotova establishes the entire essence of a place and season. The result are poetic pieces with the power to add atmospheric vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Marina Zotova’s art on iCanvas.

Rina Zeniuk

With a penchant for curious cats, Rina Zeniuk creates cartoonish illustrations featuring felines and their unlikely friends. Often surrounding the adventures of a signature blue cat, her creations tell endearing stories of friendship and imagination. From seasonal scenes to travel themes, her work can help add playful vibes to any wall.

Click here to see more of Rina Zeniuk’s art on iCanvas.

Kristi Goshovska

Blending bold colors with layered imagery, Kristi Goshovska creates digital illustrations of everything from collages to abstracts to portraits. Offering alternative perspectives with a surreal spin, she often incorporates earthy elements. The results are textured pieces capable of adding captivating dimension to your home.

Click here to see more of Kristi Goshovska’s art on iCanvas.

Luanne Marten

Expanding on her rural roots, Luanne Marten paints natural scenes of animals, botanicals and landscapes. From floral close-ups to sprawling skies and fields, she uses vivid colors to illustrate the feeling of a time and place. Whether you want to add a bit of rustic charm or chic decoration to your space, she likely has a print for you.

Click here to see more of Luanne Marten’s art on iCanvas.

Irene Meniconi

With a lifelong appreciation for Mother Nature and all its inhabitants, Irene Meniconi creates mixed media portraits of wildlife, flora and fauna. Whether you want to add a bit of botanicals to your space or surround yourself with a unique take on your favorite animal, Irene’s creations offer charming but vivid vibes.

Click here to see more of Irene Meniconi’s art on iCanvas.

Saad Nazih

Incorporating abstract elements into the facial features of his subjects, Saad Nazih redefines portraiture. With an interest in both philosophy and fantasy, his creations offer an intriguing look at the emotional depth beneath surface-level appearances. As a result, his work can add bold, thought-provoking vibes to any space.

Click here to see more of Saad Nazih’s art on iCanvas.

Emin Güler

Creating intricate details through monochromatic layers, Emin Güler paints landscapes and outdoor scenes. Often centered around wildlife and people working the land, his soft yet colorful imagery results in scenic works worth a second look. From wild horses to diligent harvesters, he captures the connection of nature and humanity.

Click here to see more of Emin Güler’s art on iCanvas.

Lesley Bishop

Using simplicity to capture character, Lesley Bishop creates minimalist line art of dogs. An animal lover through and through, her simple sketches differ with distinct features depending on the dog breed. The result are modern portraits perfect for dog parents and dog lovers of all kinds.

Click here to see more of Lesley Bishop’s art on iCanvas.

Caroline Chessia

“I try to inject a bit of magic into my illustrations.” Using vivid colors and maximal details, Caroline Chessia creates watercolors full of adventure and wonder. Often including strong women and mystical landscapes, her work can help add tropical, bohemian vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Caroline Chessia’s art on iCanvas.

Dave Bartholet

Adamant about painting “not because he can, but because he must,” Dave Bartholet has a natural talent for creating outdoor scenes. Using watercolors, he blends realism with abstract elements to capture the wild themes found in nature. As a result, his work offers an indoor escape to the freedom of the wilderness.

Click here to see more of Dave Bartholet’s art on iCanvas.

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