Photography of an Asian woman surrounded by orange butterflies and flowers by iCanvas artist Lillian Liu
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Artists to Know: 10 Female Artists to Discover

We’re honored to partner again with the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in their Women’s History Month initiative to help you name #5WomenArtists. Join us each week of March to get to know more female creators and add new names to your list.

The 10 creators highlighted below offer imaginative escapes alongside refreshing perspectives on the many facets of femininity — from storybook scenes that unleash a childlike sense of wonder to armored goddesses from otherworldly realms reminding you of your inner strength.

While 46% of visual artists in the U.S. are women, they earn 74 cents for every dollar earned by male artists. This is just one of many staggering statistics demonstrating an ongoing lack of representation of women in the arts. Joining forces with NMWA, we’re sharing the names and works of the many female artists like these that we’re proud to partner with.

Whether you’re looking to add minimalistic charm or empowering typography to your space, keep scrolling to discover a wide range of styles and subjects.

1. Iris Scott

During a trip to Taiwan, Iris Scott ran out of clean brushes and inadvertently discovered her passion for finger painting. “A few swipes of oil paint at the tips of my fingers and I was hooked.” Using only her hands, she creates impressionistic oil paintings of lifelike landscapes, sweet pets and mysterious wildlife that exude a sense of natural wonder through their vivid colors and organic texture.

Click here to see more of Iris Scott’s art on iCanvas.

2. Catrin Welz-Stein

Catrin Welz-Stein’s love for folklore, surrealism and children’s books shines through in her whimsical work often featuring celestial symbols and fantastical elements. From woodland fairies to otherworldly beings, she brings storybook scenes to life, creating art that’s perfect for daydreamers of all ages. 

Click here to see more of Catrin Welz-Stein’s art on iCanvas.

3. Lillian Liu

“[Photography] was a taste of freedom for the first time, in a way that let me experience all of my feelings through visual arts.” No stranger to creativity and the arts, pianist and photographer Lillian Liu takes beautiful portraits to another level with ornate, otherworldly touches that cross over into the realm of fantasy. From armored warrior princesses to saint-like empresses, her portraits have the power to take you on an epic adventure.

Click here to see more of Lillian Liu’s art on iCanvas. 

4. Burcu Korkmazyurek

Contrasting edgy elements like human skulls and jewel shades with bright botanicals and tropical tones, Burcu Kokmazyurek’s earthy collages are a thing of dreams. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, she creates digital patterns and designs for everything from art canvases to charcuterie boards. Whether your style is more rock ‘n’ roll or classic chic, her versatile collection has something for everyone.

Click here to see more of Burcu Korkmazyurek’s art on iCanvas.

5. Heather Renaux

Heather Renaux describes her creative process as a disappearance into circus tents, turbulent sea waters and story nests inhabited by magical fauna. Diving into the depths of her imagination, she paints folksy surrealist scenes with a bit of lighthearted whimsy. From woodland fairies to underwater sea creatures, the worlds she creates remind us of childhood tales and mystical possibilities

Click here to see more of Heather Renaux’s art on iCanvas.

6. Rongrong DeVoe

“There is nothing like creating something new in my mind and seeing it come alive on my sketchbook, on a pillow, or even a mural.” Driven by her love for fashion, Rongrong Devoe left Shanghai for New York City with hopes of fulfilling her dreams. Now internationally known, Rongrong creates stylish sketches illuminated by flecks of watercolor perfect for every fashionista, makeup guru and beauty buff. You may have seen her work in Chanel, Dior, Maybelline and Target campaigns.

Click here to see more of Rongrong DeVoe’s art on iCanvas.

7. Emanuela Carratoni

A former architect based in Rome, Emanuela has always been attracted to organic shapes and stones found in nature. Blending both photography and digital art, her versatile works include everything from shimmering agates and moon phases to fierce feminine typography at the forefront of botanical patterns. Whether you want art that makes you reflect or art that boosts your confidence, Emanuela likely has created a print for your vibe.

Click here to see more of Emanuela Carratoni’s art on iCanvas.

8. Caia Koopman

A skateboard and 80s punk rock enthusiast, Caia Koopman combines edge with enchantment to create pop surrealist paintings of tattooed, nature-loving women. She credits her upbringing as a second generation conservationist for her incorporation of earthy elements, from birds and botanicals to plants and mythical creatures. You may recognize her work from her limited edition Oakley sunglasses line or a bottle of Trust Me Vodka.

Click here to see more of Caia Koopman’s art on iCanvas.

9. Laura O’Connor

Drawing (literally) on her experiences exploring New Zealand and South Korea, Laura O’Connor draws and paints minimalist illustrations of everything from pastel abstracts to quirky takes on everyday objects. Each of her pieces demonstrates her versatility in artistic range while keeping a delicate sense of charm that sets her style apart while making it applicable to decor of all kinds.

Click here to see more of Laura O’Connor’s art on iCanvas.

10. Julie Filipenko

Inspired by the contrast between innocence and the worldly experiences that shape us, Julie Filipenko creates oil paintings and drawings that capture the many facets of femininity. Crediting her well-traveled childhood for her constant consumption of classic literature of all nationalities, she feels connected to many cultures. Her stylized yet lifelike portraits of women and girls against ornate backgrounds often feature ethereal animals and plants, demonstrating a compelling crossover between dreams and reality. 

Click here to see more of Julie Filipenko’s art on iCanvas.

For years, the foundation of iCanvas has been rooted in making art by all accessible by all. While gender inequity continues to create barriers in the arts, we are proud to do our part to represent a multitude of female artists creating incredible work. Support women creatives this month and beyond by learning more about our artists and browsing art by all 50 featured women.

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