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Artists to Know: 10 Black Artists We Love

In honor of Black History Month, we’re continuing to celebrate the many black artists we love by shining a spotlight on 10 more creatives this week. iCanvas would be nothing without our diverse family of creators, and we’re proud to play a role in increasing representation of artists who are historically underrepresented across the industry. We hope you find a new favorite.

From starting their artistic careers on iPads to creating resources for aspiring artists, these 10 creators paved their own unique paths while lifting up others along the way. Designing various styles of art with multiple mediums, they are committed to strengthening Black representation, making art education accessible, and celebrating self-love. 

From children’s book illustrators to oil painters to surreal self-portrait photographers, keep scrolling to get to know just a few of the many Black artists we’re proud to partner with.

1. Chuck Styles

“What first started as creating artwork my daughters and family could be inspired by became artwork that would inspire individuals around the world.” Through his art, acrylic painter and digital artist Chuck Styles captures the cultural radiance of both iconic and anonymous figures. Driven by representation, his pieces combine pop culture with deeper meanings to highlight people of color. His work has been featured in a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, and is set to be part of the upcoming Topps Project 70 celebrating 70 years of baseball cards.

Click here to see all of Chuck Styles’ art on iCanvas.

2. Geneva B

“I believe my audiences are both people who have grown up wanting to see the same things I wanted to as a kid — more Black and POC women in fantasy — and the kids of those people.” Self-taught artist Geneva Bowers creates illustrations of bubbly, whimsical female characters. With a passion for manipulating colors and combining realism with fantasy, she brings magical, multidimensional women to life in her work. The creator of HoverGirls comic, her work has been featured in several children’s books and embraced online by companies like Netflix. She is currently working on publishing her own artbook, which you can support on Kickstarter here.

Click here to see all of Geneva B’s art on iCanvas.

3. Deandra Lee

At the age of 13, Deandra Lee began creating art on her iPad “for the sake of her imagination.” Now a photographer and digital artist, she creates surreal self portraits combining soft light with ethereal imagery. Often incorporating wings, plants and animals, she enjoys the challenge of creating something new while using recurring subjects. Her work has been featured in many publications, including The Adroit Journal and Aint-Bad.

Click here to see all of Deandra Lee’s art on iCanvas.

4. Ohab TBJ

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Ohab Tochukwu Bernard Johnbosco creates graphic art and illustrations of strong Black women with natural hair and vibrant style. Inspired by contemporary Africa, he utilizes intricate lines, patterns and designs often found in ankara fabric. This results in mixed-media realism with a strong sense of afrofuturism. His work has been featured on E! Entertainment’s “How Do I Look? South Africa” and he credits inspiring others as the main driving force for his creativity.

Click here to see all of Ohab TBJ’s art on iCanvas.

5. Bria Nicole

With a focus on modern life, visual artist and illustrator Bria Nicole creates pieces that feel familiar yet original and trendy yet simple. Her illustrations range from faceless figures and portraiture to minimalistic imagery of botanicals, food, and landscapes. An iCanvas bestseller, her central themes of positive representation, self-care and the simple joys of life have inspired art lovers of all kinds.

Click here to see all of Bria Nicole’s art on iCanvas.

6. Amira Rahim

“There’s no greater adventure than facing a blank canvas.” Painter Amira Rahim started her career by emulating her favorite artists Van Gogh and Picasso. Combining bold colors and brush strokes, she’s now on a mission to make the world a more colorful place with her fresh, vibrant abstracts. Passionate about making art education more accessible, she created the Profitable Paintings Roadmap and mentors aspiring artists in her signature program, Better Than Art School. You may have seen her work featured in Old Navy commercials, on ABC family, and in other films and series.

Click here to see all of Amira Rahim’s art on iCanvas.

7. Princess Karibo

Self-taught Nigerian artist Princess Karibo brings Black Girl Magic to all of her work. Her lifelike digital art features ultra-pretty femmes belonging to a wide range of cultures and otherworldly entities — from Black goddesses with natural hair to Black girls blowing bubbles, repping NASA, playing violin and living their everyday lives. Her work can help you celebrate representation while creating a playful atmosphere.

Click here to see all of Princess Karibo’s art on iCanvas.

8. Faith with an E

Crediting the Black girls and women in her life and beyond as her biggest inspiration, Faith with an E creates digital paintings designed to represent them, speak to them and encourage them. Combining ornate patterns, crowns, and typography with faceless figures, her art depicts beauty, strength, growth and resilience. “I want to look at the images and see myself. I want other women to look at the images and see themselves.”

Click here to see all of Faith with an E’s art on iCanvas.

9. Statement Goods

With an overwhelming passion for art and stationary, friends Toni and Alysia created design company Statement Goods. Together they expanded their work into a boutique shop in New Orleans, as well as several other online print and design lines. Embracing patterns and finding inspiration in the world around them, they create modern and contemporary art of everything from plants, food and beverages to states, shapes and symbols.

Click here to see all of Statement Goods’ art on iCanvas.

10. Tiffani Glenn

Incorporating bold colors and animated vibes, oil painter Tiffani Glenn creates stylized Black characters living life to the fullest. From musicians to ballerinas to fashionistas, her caricatures celebrate self-love while embracing individuality and diversity. Her colorful artwork can create a positive, energetic vibe and has caught the eye of Black Girls Who Paint, and PBS’ WEDU Arts Plus tv program and magazine.

Click here to see all of Tiffani Glenn’s art on iCanvas.

It’s an ongoing priority for iCanvas to increase the diversity of artists on our site, and we are thrilled to continue growing our partnerships with Black artists. Get to know more Black artists featured on our blog and explore our growing collection of art by Black artists to discover creators you can support this month and beyond.

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