Artist Spotlight

Artist Inspiration: Karen Cantuq

For artists, the compulsion to create originates from a variety of influences and inspirations. For some, however, it’s born from an intention to make a change in one’s own life. We’re so honored to work with artist Karen Cantuq, whose whimsical and atmospheric digital creations are the beautiful result of painful mental anxieties.

A highly imaginative mind can be both a blessing and a curse, and many artists can relate. This rings true for Karen Cantuq, who turned to art as a form of self-therapy. Plagued by all-consuming thoughts, Cantuq’s imagination often took her to dark places. To combat this mental state, she decidedly channeled her energy through art. Now in full control of her reality, she has the power to make surreal scenes come to life, with each mysteriously titled piece teasing a story of pain, hope, and transformation.

Karen Cantuq is a Mexican artist and interior architect based in Montreal. Check out some of Cantuq’s creations below and browse her complete portfolio available on iCanvas.

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