Wall art of two women against green background below words We Are The Earths Protectors by Holly Dunn
Curations We Love

Art Prints Inspired by Earth Day

As a muse for artists everywhere, Mother Nature and her beauty, strength, and vulnerability have inspired creators for centuries. In recognition of Earth Day and the urgent need to protect our home planet, we curated a collection demonstrating the many ways artists express the importance of conservation on canvas.

As the largest secular observance in the world, April 22 is recognized by more than a billion earthlings as a national day of action to combat the devastating impact of climate change. For artists, creativity is key to self-expression, spreading awareness, and making a difference. Whether they feel optimistic about the future or want to draw attention to destruction, their various takes on environmental advocacy are as unique as their artistic styles.

From minimalist line drawings to nature photography to thought-provoking digital art, we have everything you need to pay homage to the incredible planet we inhabit.

Didn’t find one you love? Browse our complete Environmental Conservation collection on iCanvas.

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