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Art Prints Celebrating Hanukkah

Winter can be a special time for many. And for around 5% of Americans, Hanukkah is the big celebration of the season. With its first night coming up this Sunday, we wanted to honor this Jewish holiday in the best way we know how – with art! So we put together a curation of prints celebrating the “Festival of Lights” in exciting and beautiful forms.

With eight nights of lighting candles on the menorah, reciting blessings, and exchanging gifts with loved ones, Hanukkah is a meaningful time for many to remember the power of a miracle. From practicing religious traditions to eating delicious dinners to spinning the dreidel, families and friends enjoy this holiday in wonderful ways. And what better way to further celebrate and also embrace Jewish culture than by displaying Hanukkah art in your space.

From a sweet sleepy puppy wearing a yarmulke to an intricate floral and menorah abstract, this mix of artwork features both lighthearted creations and pieces full of significant symbols. Whether you want to see a delightful display of dreidels, a fashionably “lit” sweater, or a textured Star of David painting, these Hanukkah prints range from fun to classic. 

If you’re looking to add spiritual, celebratory, or joyful vibes to your space for eight days or year round enjoyment, this Hanukkah art curation has it all. No matter if you prefer detailed watercolors, ornate oil paintings, or festive word art, keep scrolling to find a Hanukkah print you like a latke.

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