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Art Prints Celebrating Friday the 13th

While it may not be for everyone, some people get a thrill out of all things horror – thanks to the spine-tingling sensations they get. Whether it’s the anticipation of encountering a nightmarish beast, the ghostly nature of visiting an abandoned graveyard, or the fear of not knowing who’s behind the mask, the jolts of exhilaration leave them constantly craving even more menacing things. So when we saw that Friday the 13th is coming up tomorrow, we decided to find art that gives off those same gripping feelings. To help you embrace your dark side and spark some chills, we put together a curation of scary and suspenseful artwork.

The origins of this day aren’t super clear; however, the Last Supper is the most popular explanation for the history of Friday the 13th. There were 13 guests at the supper, including Jesus, and the following day was Good Friday – his crucifixion. This not only set off the superstition that having 13 dinner guests was a bad omen, but it also drew up the conclusion that Friday the 13th was an unlucky day. The myth only continued to build up from there, and eventually made its way into pop culture in the ‘80s, including the well-known movie franchise of the same name. Although this specific day only occurs a few times per year, hanging up spooky artwork in your home is a great way to get that same rush of adrenaline whenever you want.  

Our Friday the 13th curation focuses on the chilling sights that are often seen on the big screen or in our wildest imaginations. From underwater monsters grabbing feet to faceless females crying colors to veiny claws scratching backs, our selection showcases a variety of unsettling and hair-raising scenes. Whether you want to take in the nighttime eeriness of a fog-ridden home, be creeped out by a bedside creature, or widen your eyes at a horrifying clown, these prints are a mix of disturbing and ominous. 

No matter what fills up your creepy cup, this collection will bring terrifyingly awesome vibes to your space. From supernatural beings to haunted settings, keep scrolling to find a petrifying print that makes you (and your guests) scream with excitement.

Limited Edition Art Feature

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