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Art Prints Celebrating Alice In Wonderland

Published in 1865, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland” first baffled critics. Full of riddles and strange creatures and extraordinary adventures, it captivated young readers. Since then, the story’s appeared on stage, in films, and across other works of literature. Today, we’re celebrating just some of the art inspired by Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole.

From being true to the story to taking their own creative liberties, artists’ interpretations of the tale get curiouser and curiouser. Whether it’s Alice and the rabbit racing against time, a caterpillar version of “the dude abides”, or a surreal snapshot involving knives, there are so many ways to bring some wonderland vibes to your space. 

Some prints inspired by Alice and her nonsensical dreamworld are great for kids. Birds with pencil-shaped heads and girls being carried off by colorful balloons are sure to spark curiosity and imagination at any age. But some artists offer a style of whimsy best suited for adults. From slightly sexy to a bit unsettling, these prints offer their own version of wonderland madness. 

Whether you prefer intricate illustrations, wizard interpretations, or scenes directly on storybook pages, iCanvas has a variety of artwork inspired by “Alice In Wonderland.” Keep scrolling to find your perfect print celebrating this classic children’s book.

Didn’t find one that’s your cup of tea? Click here to view iCanvas’ full collection of 170+ Alice In Wonderland art prints.

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