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7 Coastal Decor Ideas: Add Beach Vibes With Art

Transform your space with coastal decor for a serene escape with seaside inspired art. No matter where you live, you can easily achieve the aesthetic of a coastal oasis with prints spanning from far away beaches to backyard pool views. 

Whether you want to bring the beauty of the coast indoors, create a bright and tropical room, or add a touch of softness with pastel ocean art, keep scrolling to check out these 7 coastal décor ideas to transform your space.

1. Dive Into Ocean Sunrise Photography

ocean photography art hanging above couch
Featured Print: “Aqua Blue Morning”

The ocean provides the perfect escape – why not immerse yourself in the serenity of ocean photography in your space? Adorn your walls with prints showcasing stunning sunrises and sunsets over magnificent waters for a splash of breathtaking beauty and zen art vibes. From the subtle rays of sun poking through clouds to warmly colored glows coming from the sky, the ocean is the best reflective canvas. Create a calming coastal space by incorporating these scenes into your decor to remind yourself about the calmness of the shore.

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2. Get Tropical With Poolside Summer Art

summer pool art hanging in living room
Featured Print: “By The Pool”

If you want to explore the bright and tropical side of coastal decor, consider poolside prints! This summer art evokes the carefree spirit of sunny days spent lounging by the water – perfect for anyone wanting to add a touch of joy to their space. Whether your poolside print features palm trees, vibrant flowers, refreshing cocktails, or stylish swimsuits, you can easily add some bright energy. These tropical swimming pool prints will give you the perfect leisurely reminder anytime you glance at the wall.

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3. Add a Dose of Charm With Seashell Art

oyster art surrounded by sailboat and coastal prints
Featured Print: “Oyster Two”

Infuse your decor with coastal charm by incorporating seaside prints that capture the essence of spending time on the coast. Choose artwork depicting common coastal motifs such as oysters, sailboat art, seashells, and quaint beach cottages to evoke a sense of nostalgia and tranquility. These charming prints can add character and warmth to any room, creating a welcoming ambiance that invites you to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of coastal life.

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4. Soften Your Space with Pastel Coastal Prints

pastel water painting
Featured Print: “Lowcountry Daybreak”

Pastel tones can help you create a soothing sanctuary; opt for pastel coast prints to bring a dose of tranquility to your home. Whether it’s artwork featuring gentle waves, marshes at daybreak, or glassy waters reflecting the orange sun, the soft pastel hues amplify the serenity in each scene. These subtle yet elegant prints can help create a quiet backdrop for relaxation and reflection in any room.

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5. Decorate with Captivating Coastal Animals

flying egret painting
Featured Print: “Great Egret I”

Celebrate the natural beauty of the coast with captivating artwork featuring marine life and coastal creatures. From ocean dwellers like dolphins and sea turtles to shoreside critters like seagulls, decorating with this animal art can bring a touch of oceanic authenticity to your space. Not only do these charming artworks enliven your space, but they also serve as a reminder of the delicate importance of our natural environment.

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6. Escape to Sandy Settings with Beach Art

beach art painting in living room
Featured Prints: “Catching the Wind” and “Marsh Heron II”

Whether you live by the shore or in the middle of a city, transport yourself to your favorite seaside destination with beach art that captures the allure of sandy settings. Choose prints depicting beachgoers lounging on the sand, the ocean wave splashing up on shore, or a beach decked out with colorful umbrellas. From rocky to sandy to tropical, these scenic prints allow you to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and indulge in the blissful feeling of a day at the beach.

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7. Use Travel Posters in Your Coastal Decor

florida travel poster dining room
Featured Print: “Greetings From Florida II”

Do you have the tropical travel bug? Satisfy those feelings of wanderlust by adding travel posters to your coastal decor in any space. Hang artwork featuring classic beach towns, historic landmarks, and scenic vistas to evoke a sense of adventure and coastal delight. Paired with surrounding tropical decorations, you can set up the ultimate seaside space. Whether it’s a print to remind yourself or your favorite tropical destination or a place you have yet to explore, these prints can provide coastal or beach vibes throughout your home.

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