Artist Spotlight

4 Artists Who Create Minimalist Art

These artists create minimalist art in four different ways. Given their unique life experiences and artistic journeys, we’d expect nothing less! From organic and introspective to playful and retro, we’re taking a look at art from four artists who reveal that less is more.

With a sleek aesthetic and sometimes abstract appeal, minimalist art hones in on simplistic designs infused with literalism. A style that rose in popularity in the United States in the ‘60s and ‘70s, minimalism is incredibly prominent in art today and has even made its way into home design and other decor. Because it’s a style that can either give off calming or expressive energy, it makes sense that so many creators are diving into their own versions of minimalist creations. Whether it’s brightly hued food or subdued geometric shapes, these four artists create minimalist art in different ways.

From faceless portraits to reimagined movie posters, the work from these artists can bring stylish empowerment, colorful joy, and more types of vibes to your space. From abstract botanicals to fashion creations, keep scrolling to find a new favorite artist.

1. Helo Moraes   

Helo Moraes’ digital creations feature botanicals, shapes, and more. With their artwork incorporating mostly earth tones, they design a more serene side of the minimalist style, ranging from simplistic brush strokes to intricate geometrics. Whether it’s black and white abstract art, potted plants, or marble waves, we’re pulled into calm creations within their eclectic mix of work.

From a black and beige cheetah to an abstract rose colored circle, we think their artwork can be a great way to bring organic or introspective vibes to your space.

Click here to see all of Helo Moraes’ artwork available on iCanvas.

2. Carmen Jabier 

Striving to share insights, invoke emotion, and spark nostalgia, Carmen Jabier’s digital illustrations feature food, nature, everyday items, and more. Diving into the colorful and fun side of minimalism, she brings in classic ‘90s objects, joyful landscapes, and lighthearted words. No matter if it’s a creative callout to a classic snack or doses of cleverly placed humor, we love the way her artwork radiates bright energy.

From a box of creative juice to a galaxy greenhouse, we think her artwork can be a wonderful way to create a playful atmosphere with retro vibes.

Click here to see all of Carmen Jabier’s artwork available on iCanvas.

3. Aminah Dantzler

Aiming to highlight the natural beauty of women, Aminah Dantzler’s digital fashion art features faceless Black women. Leaning away from facial details, she instead highlights each woman’s personality through chic outfits, individual hair styles, bold earrings, and other accessories. Whether it’s confident afro portraits or curvy ladies posing proud, we admire the way each subject stands out.

From a blooming butterfly babe to a layered turquoise dress, we think her artwork can be a lovely way to create a stylish and empowering atmosphere.

Click here to see all of Aminah Dantzler’s artwork available on iCanvas.

4. Ayse Deniz Akerman

Ayse Deniz Akerman’s digital art features maps, skylines, and typographic images in the shape of popular dog breeds and famous celebrities. Honing in on her Limited Editions, she creates reimagined movie posters of iconic films using faceless subjects and other minimalist designs. No matter if it’s legendary comedies or powerful dramas, we love the way she reinvents our favorites.

From a Pulp Fiction burger poster to Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, we think her artwork can be a great way to create a cinematic, pop culture atmosphere. 

Click here to see all of Ayse Deniz Akerman’s artwork available on iCanvas.

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