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4 Artists Exploring Surrealism

These four artists dive into surrealism in four different ways. Given their unique life experiences and artistic journeys, we’d expect nothing less! From imaginative dreaminess to dark elegance, we’re taking a look at how four different creators unlock the power of imagination. 

From bizarre elements placed in normal settings to intriguing juxtapositions, the surrealism art style dates all the way back to the late 1910s. Because surrealism allows for a wide range of astonishing imagery, dreamlike creativity, and incredible deep dives into each artist’s wild mind, it’s no surprise that many artists have taken on the beautiful challenge of this style with their own unique spins. Whether it’s depicting our natural environment with unexpected features or highlighting humans with strange twists, artists find many ways to show off striking scenes. From fantastical nature to magical wildlife, these four artists explore surrealism in different ways. 

No matter if the artwork focuses on magnificently enhanced landscapes or breathtaking fashion, each of these creators highlights this art style differently. From mythical mixed media art to intriguing digital creations, keep scrolling to find a new favorite artist.

1. Soaring Anchor Designs | Photographer & Digital Artist 

Inspired by everything around them, Soaring Anchor Designs’ photography features wildlife and nature elements enhanced with digital tools. Exploring the magic of our surrounding environment, these surreal creations often show animals with color explosions and starry elements or feature wild creatures taking part in human activities such as lounging in a bathtub. By adding surrealism to these already fascinating living beings, we’re reminded of the true enchantment that exists outside of human life. 

From a couple watching a giant polar bear relax in mountainside springs to capybaras sitting in a mug of tea, we think their artwork can be a fun way to add dreamy and imaginative vibes to your space.

Click here to see all of Soaring Anchor Designs’ artwork available on iCanvas.

2. Natalie Shau | Mixed Media Artist

Inspired by fashion, Lithuania-based artist Natalie Shau’s mixed media art and photography creations feature obscure scenes with abnormal beings. With much of her surreal art diving into mythical creatures, she hones in on females with unusual eyes and whimsical elements, along with creations of mermaids. Whether it’s a floral accented portrait with haunting details or a woman baring her inner emotions, she pulls us into the fantastical souls of each subject presented to us on the canvas.

From a lost unicorn woman to a realm revealing a bloody rose explosion from a red head’s back, we think her artwork can be an interesting way to add a sense of dark elegance to your space.

Click here to see all of Natalie Shau’s artwork available on iCanvas.

3. Hobopeeba | Photographer & Digital Artist 

A London artist showing the beauty that surrounds us every day in the simple things, Hobopeeba’s digitally edited photographs feature fascinating scenic views. Often showcasing women surrounded by flower fields, intricate buildings, and other landscapes around the world, she adds surrealistic enhancements to amplify the magnificent energy of each place. No matter if it’s intensifying the hues on elegant dresses and blooms or magnifying the rich warmth of a cloudy sunset, we want to escape into each magical place.

From a lady in a glorious red gown surrounded by hot air balloons to a Russian summer with cherry blossoms and pink smoke, we think her artwork can be a wonderful way to create a mesmerizing and breathtaking atmosphere.

Click here to see all of Hobopeeba’s artwork available on iCanvas.

4. | Photographer & Digital Artist  

With a love of playing with composition and lighting,’ digitally edited photographs feature interior and exterior scenes with magical twists. Incorporate surreal elements like natural scenery inside of rooms or a starry galaxy on the ground instead of the sky, he combines images in unusual ways. By going beyond the normally expected and creating otherworldly combinations, our minds get to explore each scene with sparks of imagination.

From a ferris wheel above the clouds to a hot air balloon made of water particles, we think his artwork can be a great way to create a fascinating and intriguing atmosphere.

Click here to see all of’ artwork available on iCanvas.

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