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2022 Art Trend: Going Goth

We’re constantly seeking feelings of liberation and self-empowerment during these times of uncertainty, which is why it’s no surprise we predict punk to be trending in decor this year. With its use of dramatically dark colors, eerie motifs, and gasp-worthy displays, the gothic spin on this style can bring out a sense of boldness. To help you embrace the Going Goth trend, we put together a curation full of expressive and ominous vibes.

This grunge aesthetic is already capturing the eyes of many. According to Pinterest’s 2022 trend prediction, searches are soaring for both goth home decor and fashion. While clothing has been a staple of the pop-punk scene for decades, we think it’ll flourish in art this year with a lot of black paint and “romantic, ornamental dark elements”. Although many of these searches are from those craving ‘90s nostalgia, Pinterest claims this trend is expected to grow in popularity among many age groups. So, if you’re looking to be transported to a different time or if you simply resonate with the darkness, you can bring this feeling into your home through art.

Whether you’re into freakish flair or chic spunk, our featured pieces give off unusual and intriguing energy. No matter if you’re a Poe fanatic or a sucker for vampires, our selection of prints has different portrayals of mysterious themes. From elegant Victorian fences to spooky eye-catching skeletons to rebelliously studded lips, this collection can help you create a creepy or bold atmosphere.

Wherever your interests fall on the scary spectrum, our curation showcases the Going Goth 2022 Art Trend in a variety of interpretations. From hauntingly beautiful photography to riveting macabre scenes to striking floral displays, keep scrolling to find a perplexing print that matches your version of gothic energy.

Didn’t find your shade of darkness? Browse the 300+ prints in our Going Goth art trend collection available on iCanvas.

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