Authenticity photograph of a woman smoking in front of a colorful mural of an ape smoking in Havana
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2021 Art Trend: Authenticity

Authenticity is trending in art, and we’re living for this shift toward showing the emotional depth of real life. As more artists embrace a “no filter” approach to their work, raw photography capturing the beauty of reality is appealing for a number of reasons. To help you embrace the authenticity trend, we curated a collection of art demonstrating the many ways you can add this style to your space.

According to FizX, “People have become disinterested in picture-perfect versions of what is real.” Unpolished art demonstrates a collective shift toward comfort over glamour. It’s founded in relatability, attainability and inclusivity. Whether that means physical appearance, travel, or experiences. 

Embracing raw beauty, the authenticity trend celebrates dusty city streets; intimate moments between lovers; candid connections during spiritual celebrations; and quiet corners of the world illuminated by natural light. It’s no surprise these prints have the power to add cultural vibes, a sense of connectedness, or a feeling of adventure to your space.

Whether you want to surround yourself with the often overlooked magic of everyday life, an unspoken bond, or an indescribable feeling, this trend tells a story through untouched stillness. Keep scrolling to find a print that authentically speaks to you.

Didn’t find one you love? Browse the 250+ prints in our Authenticity art trend collection available on iCanvas.

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