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Robin Yong: Magical Travel Photography

We’ve come across so many photographers this year, it’s tough to keep track! Every now and then, we feel privileged to witness photos that are so powerful, they take us on journeys across the world. This is certainly the case for iCanvas artist Robin Yong, whose award-winning travel photography is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Using only his camera and natural light, Yong embarks upon upwards of 18 voyages a year to discover new cultures, meet locals with interesting stories, and capture their magic in photos. Yong came across our radar through our sponsorship of Beautiful Bizarre’s Art Prize this year, however, his recognition doesn’t end there. His imagery from Ethiopia, Cambodia, Venice, and more have earned his praise in art shows, galleries, and publications across the globe, where his dramatic shadows, colors, and subjects instantly catch the eyes of many. From humble villagers to masked performers to unlikely pairs, there’s bound to be a photo by Robin Yong that will speak to you in a special way.

Born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia, travel photographer Robin Yong is currently working in Australia, but most likely not for long. Even in these turbulent times, you’ll find him wherever his artistic journey needs to take him. Check out more of his impressive portfolio on the site!

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