Artist Spotlight

Raúl Lara: Abstract Identities

iCanvas is excited to offer prints by Raúl Lara, whose portfolio of figurative art presents a contemplation on identity and how it’s represented in current times.

Blending traditional and modern artistic techniques, Lara’s process includes digital image transfers, paper reliefs, and oil and acrylic paint. His motif is a human being, often fully or partially mirrored in black and white, depicted in various states of emotion. In an age where identities exist both “online” and “offline,” Lara pinpoints the duality that exists within us all.

Originating from Spain, Lara is a predominantly self-taught artist. He also creates abstract art and has been exhibited in galleries around the globe. 

Check out some of Raúl Lara’s prints below, and click here to see their full catalog of art available on iCanvas.

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