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New Artist: Margot Laffon

iCanvas is excited to offer prints by Margot Laffon, whose portfolio of pop art portraits depict bold, unabashed feminity and embrace the vivacity of pop culture.

To call Laffon’s portraits “eye-catching” is an understatement. Using a combination of ink and watercolor gouache applied to pages from old books, the female form is portrayed with confidence and beauty in typically male-associated uniform, such as that of a matador or astronaut. Viewers are drawn in through their gazes, where the eye then moves to explore patterns inspired by fashion and street art, overall creating a unique and nuanced take on traditional pop art.

Margot Laffon lives and works in Spain, and has work featured in private collections around the world. Check out our curation to see some of Margot’s prints below, and click here to see her full catalog available on iCanvas.

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