Artist Spotlight

New Artist: Julie Filipenko

iCanvas is excited to offer prints by renowned pop surrealist artist Julie Filipenko, whose portfolio of colorful feminine energy depicted in worlds of rich fantasy have brought her great acclaim in the art world.

Drenched in vibrant color, Filipenko’s art showcases a careful balance between dreams and reality. Offering small, intricate details that edge towards surreal, curious viewers will always have something new to find in her pieces. Drawing influence from a time in her life when she was constantly on the move, Filipenko honors her exposure to various cultures by incorporating symbolism from around the world, adding even more depth to her captivating work.

Born in the USSR and raised in the US, Julie Filipenko earned an arts degree in Israel before embarking on her career. Her primary media are acrylic paint and graphite. Check out some of Filipenko’s prints below, and click here to view their complete collection available on iCanvas

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