Artist Spotlight

Javier Mayoral: Retro with a Dash of Dark Humor

iCanvas is excited to offer prints by artist Javier Mayoral, whose portfolio of art depicting everyday life under a lens of dark humor establishes a singularly eccentric style.  

With boundary-pushing subject matter displayed in retro-inspired settings, Mayoral fuses imagery and text to present seemingly mundane scenes with an off-kilter punchline. Fully embracing the beauty of kitsch, viewers get an inside glimpse into characters that abandon discretion and engage in debauchery with a shamelessness that’s equal parts uncomfortable and intriguing. 

Originating from Spain, Mayoral worked for years as a private chef in Miami before focusing solely on creating art. With a massive portfolio of work, he paints up to five pieces a day.

Check out some of Javier Mayoral’s prints below, and click here to see their full catalog of art available on iCanvas.

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