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Mikael Takacs: Watch This Artist’s Mesmerizing Technique

There are a multitude of reasons why humans appreciate art, and perhaps one of the most immediately noticeable is when an artistic process achieves results you’ve never seen. We’re proud to partner with artist Mikael Takacs, whose technique is so intricate, it often shocks viewers to learn it’s paint, not digital.

This process is mesmerizing to watch and is documented in many videos on Takacs’ Instagram. Read on to learn about his technique and view snippets of his art in-the-making.

Takacs applies acrylic paint to canvas with the controlled use of a pipette, a tool that’s suitable for marbling.

To create the dizzying, distorted effect seen in his portraits, Takacs drags sticks or combs through the wet paint. 

The end result makes for an engaging viewing experience, to say the least. Looking closely, the ornate marbling gives way to fluid, abstract forms, but from a distance, the subject matter becomes clearer and clearer. Juxtapositions between clarity and vagueness, between figurative and abstract are what Takacs believes spark the connection between viewers and his work.

Mikael Takacs is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has been recognized in art publications like Hi-Fructose. Check out our curation below to find a print that speaks to you.

Want to see more? Click here to see his complete portfolio available on iCanvas.

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