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12 Art Prints That Celebrate Love

love is love

This June marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and in honor of WorldPride, we’re highlighting pieces that celebrate love in all its forms. We selected artworks that take varied approaches to explore the details of love and found a little something for just about everyone.

Love Wins, canvas print by Sweet William
Love Wins
Sweet William

Love Wins is a motto we should all live by. Hang this piece by Sweet William, in your living room, bedroom, meditation room–anywhere you’re sure to see it–for a daily dose of optimism.

Love Wins canvas print by Risa Rodil
Love Wins
Risa Rodil

Risa Rodil’s bold typefaces feature the perfect quote for any mood. When it comes to love, however, her piece, Love Wins, takes the cake (or bottle). Her whimsical expression of bold ideas and quirky typefaces push each piece’s message front and center.

Love is Love canvas print by Heather Landis
Love is Love
Heather Landis

This piece by Heather Landis, Love is Love echoes a sense of nostalgia. The print is romantic, with soft colors washed across the flowers, as the words “love is love” shine through.

This pair of line drawings by Honeymoon Hotel are subtle nods to the many forms of love that exist. Both artworks are titled Pinky Promise, one His + His, the other Hers + Hers, representing sentimental, strong bonds made between two people.

Love is Love
Vlada Haggerty

Rainbow crystals and seductive shapes–can a love piece get more glamorous? This fabulous artwork, titled Love is Love, is by makeup artist and photographer, Vlada Haggerty. If you’re looking for artwork that truly stands out, then scroll through Haggerty’s lip masterpieces. The artist herself creates and photographs each piece herself, and they’re all showstoppers.

Love is Love
Scott Rohlfs

Femininity takes many forms in Scott Rohlfs’ work, and this piece, Love is Love is no different. Two symbols merged into one–the rainbow and the heart–represent the diverse nature of love.

United in Love
Courtney Capparelle for Creative Action Network

People say the U.S. is the melting pot of the world, and in Courtney Capparelle’s piece for the Creative Action Network, America holds the entire color spectrum. The words written throughout are quotes from the final paragraph of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion, when the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, on June 26, 2015.

Love is a World
Jason Naylor

Passionate and energetic are just two words you could use to describe artist and illustrator Jason Naylor’s work. This piece in particular, Love is a World, embodies love’s vigor through its multiple fonts and many colors.

Love is Love in Color
Janie Macdowell

Simple, elegant, and a touch playful, this piece by Janie Macdowell, titled Love is Love in Color, is incredibly versatile. Its message is simple and the colors are well-balanced. An understated celebration of love, fit for any room.

Love is the Answer
Honeymoon Hotel

At first glance, this print seems fairly straightforward. If you take some time to dissect the words on each line, however, it takes on an even stronger stance. So if you’re looking for a thought-provoking piece, this print by Honeymoon Hotel is a winner.

Love Out Loud LGBTQ Pride
Trevor Messersmith for Creative Action Network

This bold and bright print, created by Trevor Messersmith for the Creative Action Network, is a colorful celebration of love of all kinds and an exciting addition to any room.

Here’s to celebrating love in all its beautiful forms! Be sure to explore our full collection of LGBTQ art. Know of more artists spreading the love? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The Honeymoon Hotel prints (Hers & Hers, Love is the Answer) are so gorgeous, simple and powerful. I don’t normally gravitate towards typography or minimalist art, but I love these.

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