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Artists We Heart Ed. 105: Meet 9 New iCanvas Creators

More art means it’s easier than ever to discover art you love! Whether you want to feel inspired, tell a story, or transform your space, connecting new artists with art appreciators like you is one of the best parts of welcoming more creators to iCanvas’ creative community.

From sports equipment to Chinoiserie animals to funny phrases, meet 9 new artists who can help you bring energetic passion, chic whimsy, and more kinds of vibes to your space.

  1. Sonaly Gandhi
  2. Elena Lukina
  3. K. Arthur
  4. Michael L. Sherman
  5. Green Orchid Boutique
  6. Sherry Arthur
  7. Typologie Paper Co
  8. Jenny Lee
  9. Kitslam

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest artists we’re proud to partner with. You might just discover some new art that can move you, spark conversation, or help tie a room together.

Sonaly Gandhi

Based in India, Sonaly Gandhi creates vibrant paintings of classic cars, the female form, and nude figures of couples exploring love. Incorporating checkered patterns on dramatically posed bodies and neon colors in her antique automobiles, her prints are full of stimulating designs. From ladies and lilies to a couple with a horse to a ’57 Chevy Belair, we think her artwork can be a great way to create an alluring atmosphere or add some playfully luxurious vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Sonaly Gandhi’s work on iCanvas.

Elena Lukina

Latvia-based artist Elena Lukina creates impressionist paintings of blooming flowers, still lifes, and nature views. Inspired by the beauty of nature, she uses soft edges and natural light to feature her delicate subjects. From hot mulled wine to sunny dandelions to snowman families, her prints are picturesque. Making her artwork a nice way to create a serene yet joyful atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Elena Lukina’s work on iCanvas.

K. Arthur

Based in Arizona, K. Arthur creates paintings of women all dressed up taking care of takes like changing tires, grilling, and more as well as charming decorative scenes. With a goal for viewers to experience a sense of light-heartedness, she hopes to “portray the lifestyle of a well-rounded and confident woman”. From sporting a baseball glove to holding a cake to carrying a bucket of flowers, we think her artwork can be a nice way to create an motivating or nostalgic atmosphere.

Click here to see more of K. Arthur’s work on iCanvas.

Michael L. Sherman

Michael L. Sherman photographs natural landscapes and landmarks. Often capturing scenes at United States national parks, he documents earth’s organic formations dramatically interacting with the sun’s powerful light. From filtered rays in Sedona to waterfalls along Oak Creek to autumn at Cathedral Rock, his photos are full of breathtaking views. Making his artwork a great way to celebrate our planet’s majestic beauty. If his striking photos look familiar, you may have seen his work featured in Outdoor Photography and Digital Photo Pro.

Click here to see more of Michael L. Sherman’s work on iCanvas.

Green Orchid Boutique

Based in California, Green Orchid Boutique creates paintings of wild animals with vases of flowers and Chinoiserie patterns. Inspired by the vibrant colors of nature, her prints are full of detailed patterns, symmetrical scenes, and lush botanical accents. From blue and white Japanese cranes to monkeys on garden stools to a preppy zebra with a ginger jar, her prints are full of playful energy. If you’re looking to create a chic yet whimsical atmosphere, we think her artwork can be a lovely way to achieve your goals.

Click here to see more of Green Orchid Boutique’s work on iCanvas.

Sherry Arthur

Ohio-based artist Sherry Arthur creates fantasy paintings of imaginative worlds and nature, along with emotional female portraits. Inspired by her Cherokee Indian heritage, she depicts “transcendent hiding places” along with “the soul baring depths of the human condition”. From castles of abandoned fears to Hallows eve countrysides to untitled hearts, we think her artwork can be a wonderful way to add whimsy or a sense of drama to your space.

Click here to see more of Sherry Arthur’s work on iCanvas.

Typologie Paper Co

Typologie Paper Co creates digital art of funny phrases, cocktail recipes, US states, wild animals, and more. With a goal of encouraging and inspiring every single person to create their own Pinterest-worthy gallery wall, she incorporates mostly neutral color schemes, playful typography styles, and line art creations. From floral cat silhouettes to love sign language to a slay all day quote, her collection is eclectic. Making her artwork a great way to bring lighthearted or educational vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Typologie Paper Co’s work on iCanvas.

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee creates oil and palette knife nature paintings of beautiful landscapes, magnificent mountains, flourishing trees, and other outdoor scenes. Inspired by her travels, she features boldly colored skies and expressive textures to capture different moods across her scenic settings. From street cafes to violet beaches to vineyard twilights, we think her artwork can be a nice way to add a sense of openness or pastoral charm to your space.

Click here to see more of Jenny Lee’s work on iCanvas.


Kitslam creates colorful scribble drawings of athletes in action and various sports equipment including tennis racquets, basketball hoops, baseball gloves, and more. Ranging from silhouetted players to balls in motion to full color scenes, their athletic prints showcase a mix of sporty activities for team players and hobbyists alike. From a volleyball spike to a gymnastics pose to a hockey slapshot, we think their artwork can be a wonderful way to create a passionate and energetic atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Kitslam’s work on iCanvas.

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