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Artists We Heart Ed. 102: Meet 9 New iCanvas Creators

More art means it’s easier than ever to discover art you love! Whether you want to feel inspired, tell a story, or transform your space, connecting new artists with art appreciators like you is one of the best parts of welcoming more creators to iCanvas’ creative community.

From flower bouquets to textured abstracts to African wildlife, meet 9 new artists who can help you add cheerful serenity, soft sophistication, and more kinds of vibes to your space.

  1. Flavia Cuddemi
  2. Paul Kingsley Squire
  3. Chromatic Fusion Studio
  4. Wayne Pruse
  5. Yulia Krasnov
  6. Tanbelia
  7. Karen Sikie
  8. Karine Tonial Grimm
  9. Russell Hinckley

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest artists we’re proud to partner with. You might just discover some new art that can move you, spark conversation, or help tie a room together.

Flavia Cuddemi

Based in Rome, Flavia Cuddemi creates watercolors and drawings of flower bouquets, elements of nature, surreal scenes, nude figures, and more. Inspired by nature, its landscapes, and the sensuality of the human figure, she showcases a delicate touch in her art of petals and people. From blue houses to dancing hands to couples in forests, we think her artwork can be a lovely way to bring dreamlike or intimate vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Flavia Cuddemi’s work on iCanvas.

Paul Kingsley Squire

London-based artist Paul Kingsley Squire creates oil paintings and pencil drawings of surreal figures, intricate portraits, and abstract glowing skies full of color. Fascinated by themes of metamorphosis and transformation, his art “allows ideas of psychology, nature and consciousness to be pondered by each viewer”. From etheric suns to summers of love to azurite escapes, his prints are filled with captivated imagery. Making his artwork a great way to bring intriguing or ethereal vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Paul Kingsley Squire’s work on iCanvas.

Chromatic Fusion Studio

Based in Spain, Chromatic Fusion Studio creates digital watercolor portraits featuring women of different nationalities, floral infusions, and headdresses. With dripping colors and poised subjects, she reveals each woman’s beauty and strength while embracing their physical cultural attributes. From Indian native women to modern Geishas to Tuareg ladies, her prints are full of diversity. If you’re looking to create a delicate yet empowering atmosphere, we think her artwork can be a nice way to achieve your goals.

Click here to see more of Chromatic Fusion Studio’s work on iCanvas.

Wayne Pruse

Minnesota artist Wayne Pruse creates captivating paintings of fierce wildlife, surreal nature scenes, and female portraits. Incorporating realistic details and elements of magic, he showcases a mix of animals in action along with moments of stillness. From tiger sharks to northland quintets to red haired beauties, we think his artwork can be a wonderful way to create a powerful and enchanting atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Wayne Pruse’s work on iCanvas.

Yulia Krasnov

Based in Israel, Yulia Krasnov creates watercolors, drawings, and digital art of flower bouquets, reflective seascapes, evening landscapes, and still lifes. Incorporating bright colored petals and calm, cloudy skies, her art evokes a delightful balance of blooming joy and tranquil bliss. From lilies in the garden to sailboats in Yafoo to summers in the village, her prints are full of flourishing views. Making her artwork a great way to create a cheerful or serene atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Yulia Krasnov’s work on iCanvas.


Ukraine artist Tanbelia creates watercolors of blossoming gardens, detailed landscapes, quiet seascapes, and other nature scenes. Hoping to encourage people to protect nature, she showcases the beauty of the environment around us from sunrise to sunset. From beach days to mountains on the sea to sunny winter forests, her prints are abundant in lively colors. If you’re hoping to create an invigorating and scenic atmosphere, we think her artwork can be a lovely way to fulfill your vision.

Click here to see more of Tanbelia’s work on iCanvas.

Karen Sikie

Based in California, Karen Sikie creates layered paper mosaic collage art of different flowers, joyful birds, and female portraits. Inspired by nature’s infinite array of beautiful forms and patterns, her work is infused with themes such as “energy, movement, and the flow of life and death as the natural cycles of nature”. From orange daisies to harvest moons to meadow vales, we think her artwork can be a nice way to add a dose of serene and organic vibes to your space

Click here to see more of Karen Sikie’s work on iCanvas.

Karine Tonial Grimm

Brazil-based artist Karine Tonial Grimm creates abstract digital artwork full of muted colors. She’s inspired by both observing and absorbing cultures in Germany, Ireland, and Portugal. Each location influenced important decisions in her life, and her art is “the result of this interaction in a unique way”. From iris strokes to pink beaches to snow of colors, her prints reveal eye-catching texture. Making her artwork a wonderful way to create a soft yet sophisticated space.

Click here to see more of Karine Tonial Grimm’s work on iCanvas.

Russell Hinckley

Based in the Netherlands, Russell Hinckley creates detailed paintings of animals, blooming flowers and African life. Inspired by travel and nature, he expresses his interests through his “colorful flowers and birds, or in more earthly tins in his African wildlife paintings”. From white peacocks to poppies in golden sun to Samburu tribal women, we think his artwork can be a great way to create a serene yet wild atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Russell Hinckley’s work on iCanvas.

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