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A Perfect Problem: Whimsical Meets Weird

Falling in love with an art print is instinctual. But for some, bringing a more unusual piece home can be a challenge. Love a print that’s outside your norm but hesitant to disrupt your current vibe? Have it both ways by turning this little problem into a stylish solution. When it comes to art, if you love it, you should hang it!

Creepy kid with horns wearing a cape and t-shirt surrounded by stars on a pink background
Children of this Planet Series: #29 by Hikari Shimoda

No matter the style or subject, when art speaks to you, it doesn’t need an explanation. For instance, prints from artist Hikari Shimoda’s Children of this Planet Series spark a strange and playful curiosity that many art lovers have come to adore. However, many home decor schemes err more on the side of practical than playful. If you’re one of these folks, here are three easy tips to make this piece work without redoing your entire space, featuring items available for purchase from Etsy, Amazon and more.

Shoot For The Stars

Identify a small motif in your unusual print that you can weave throughout your space. A star-shaped knick-knack or lighting fixture is an accessible and versatile item to mirror the stars sprinkled throughout this print.

Play Up The Weird

What are the first few descriptors of this art that come to mind? If “weird,” “cute,” and “whimsical” sum it up, find another item that carries those vibes. These weird-yet-cute items draw fun parallels to the print.

Match Everyday Accents

Tie it all together by taking traditional accents or furniture, like throw pillows, and echoing colors and textures seen in the print. These finds have bubbly, iridescent hues that nod to the palette seen in this print.

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